The Start of Classes

Monday marked a bunch of firsts: my first day of classes as a junior, and my first day of classes in another country. As I was leaving my room, I ran into an English speaking student, which was awesome, except I was rushing to leave the dorm and she was going into the kitchen.

Admittedly, when I walked into the university, I was overwhelmed before I even began classes; there were just so many students, and they were all speaking French, so I just sort of wandered around in a daze. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more like a foreigner, which is saying something, considering the fact that I’m frequently mistaken for an international student at R-MC.

I had Grammar Practice from 12-1, which wasn’t too bad, especially because I met three Americans from the University of Maryland. (Two of them had even heard of R-MC!) So the four of us, along with a Swiss girl and another European girl (I forgot where she’s from) went off to get lunch together. So for the first time since arriving in France, I had a French meal that wasn’t supermarket-purchased—a chicken panini, which wasn’t superb, but was definitely better than Estes/Commons food. Then, we went to our next class, Written Language, from 2-4. This class was more confusing, since the professor thrust a worksheet at us, and we were supposed to fill in all the missing prepositions, but everyone ended up being confused together.

The students from Maryland, though, all live with host families, so I had yet to meet someone from my dorm. When I got back to the dorm and sat down in the computer room, I met a girl from the Czech Republic. She was very excited to meet another English speaker, since she says that her French is awful, so I guess I can say that I’ve made my first international friend! Later, I met a girl from Spain who also speaks English, and since she said she didn’t know where to buy food and had been living off of cookies, I took her to the supermarket so that she could get some actual sustenance. After another random dinner, I ran into another international student, a girl from China, who was actually hoping that I spoke fluent Chinese. (I’m sorry my Chinese isn’t that great.)

So all in all, today was actually a pretty good day. I don’t have that much homework (yet), and although I’m still living off of random meals from the supermarket, I’ve finally made some friends!


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