St. Paul de Vence

Due to a bus strike (which is, according to a guy in the English Society, unremarkable because “they’re just getting started,” classes were cancelled on Thursday, so I ended up getting another surprise four-day weekend.

On Friday, three of the Marylanders and I visited St. Paul de Vence, an artsy, medieval commune situated on top of a mountain.

I took this picture on the bus ride back to Nice, so it’s a bit blurry and I’m not even sure if it’s St. Paul, but it gives you the general sense of what the walled village looked like:

It was a cozy little place, with a bunch of art galleries and souvenir stores lining the streets.

This trip didn’t really have any eventful highlights; because St. Paul was such a small village, we mostly just looked at art, marveled at the scenery and architecture, and found several adorable stray cats.

View from the lookout point:

This cat was sitting outside a restaurant, impatiently waiting for food:


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