Mid-semester Break

I can happily report that I don’t have class until November 3, thanks to a week-long break!

After three tortuous midterms, I used Friday as a de-stressing day by catching up with How to Get Away with Murder and then rewatching episodes of White Collar in French.

On Saturday, despite my burning urge to sit down and write for hours, I kicked myself out of my room and went museum-ing. My first stop was MAMAC (Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporaine), which is a huge building that I’ve passed a hundred times but never actually gone inside.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t actually that much to see. Despite its imposing size, most of the museum was empty space, and in my opinion, the art wasn’t that all interesting. (No, but really, how is a smashed car or a framed red square considered art good enough for a museum?)

My favorite art pieces:

The best part was the fifth-story open rooftop view, which offered a nice view of the city:

I then went to the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, but it was tiny compared to MAMAC, and I was honestly too creeped out by all the taxidermy to stay in there for long.


I intended to go to the Musée des Beaux-Arts on Sunday, but I only got to see its pretty exterior from a distance, thanks to a group of pathetic teenage boys who threw a rock at my temple. Yeah, I was hardly going to walk past them to go up the stairs after that, so I casually hightailed it out of there. Then I ran around the city, trying to find a tabac where I could buy some sort of student stamp for my long-stay visa, before I realized that most stores are closed on Sundays. When I returned to my dorm to cook dinner, I received the pleasant though confusing surprise that Daylight Savings Time ended today, so I did manage to get in some writing time after all.


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