On Tuesday, two of my friends and I took the 1:52 train to Ventimiglia, Italy, a city that’s about 4 miles away from the French-Italian border. A round-trip ticket cost 11.40 euros, and the ride lasted about 40 minutes.

Upon arrival, we experienced some initial confusion with the map, closed tourist office, and unorganized transportation system, so we just went “screw it” and decided to walk around the city. We went clothes shopping, and then took a bunch of pictures when we found the bridge that traversed the Roia River and led to the old half of the city.

After some more map confusion, we managed to find two churches, and on our way back to the train station, we stopped at a pastry shop. The cookies and pastries there were absolutely delicious, and totally worth the struggle of not knowing how to speak Italian.

Now veterans of Ventimiglia, we found our way back to the train station without any trouble and took the 6:15 train back to Nice.

Thoughts on Italy? It’s gorgeous. With all of the colorful buildings and old architecture, Ventimiglia almost looks like Nice (I have the feeling that a lot of Mediterranean cities look alike), but at the same time, you can instantly tell the difference between an Italian city and a French one. Going back to the US is going to be so weird—I won’t be able to see the Mediterranean every day, and nothing in Virginia looks anything like the urbanism here.


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