Halfway Through

I never thought I’d get to say this, but I’ve finished an entire semester abroad. In France. Like most experiences, it had its ups and downs—my time here has certainly been eye-opening, and there are some things that I’ll never again take for granted back in the US. At the same time, when I go home in about five months, I know that I’ll miss certain things about Nice.

I’m grateful for all of my lovely classmates who made enduring an inept administration, an insane professor, and a slightly despotic professor less painful. I’ve seen some amazing things and met some incredible people, and that combination means that I’ve gained new memories that will stay with me for years. (Wow, goodbyes suck.) Although I’m still nowhere near fluent, my French has definitely improved, which is a pretty decent accomplishment, I guess.

Now that I’ve finished my first semester, the next one should be easier!


Disclaimer: I wrote this while still emotionally compromised from watching the finales of White Collar and Fullmetal Alchemist right after the trauma of finals, so don’t hold me accountable if this post doesn’t make sense. (This might end up being a bit overly sentimental, but this quote popped up near the end of FMA, and it kind of stuck with me because I feel like it can be applied to studying abroad: “The world isn’t perfect. But it’s there for us, doing the best it can. And that’s what makes it so damn beautiful.”)


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