Winter Break Update

In case anybody was wondering, I’m still alive. The reason I haven’t posted anything recently is because, as of now, my life during winter break hasn’t been very interesting (so much for weekly updates). In my attempt to repress the trauma of finals, I’ve just been relaxing and taking it easy. Originally, I was going to travel with a friend, but those plans didn’t work out and now travel prices are too expensive. So the first half of winter break can basically be summed up as wandering through the city, having a Christmas Eve potluck dinner, and watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Fortunately, the second half of break should be more interesting: from January 2-13, I’ll be touring Europe with my parents. Before I arrived in France, I had this grand vision of traveling all over Europe, either by myself or with a newly acquired friend, but those plans fell through last semester because 1) I was afraid I’d run out of food money, 2) I’m female, and 3) I’m Asian. If you’re wondering how 2 and 3 are related, it’s because there’re these wonderful phenomena known as sexism and racism, and I’ve already been uncomfortably hit on (in French, no less) because I’m Asian and female. Also, nearly all of my friends either went back home because they’re done with the semester, or because they’re visiting their families. So that left me stuck traveling with my parents, but I was hardly going to turn down the opportunity to visit six different countries and Paris, even if my poor brother’s going to be left at home by himself.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I’ll be visiting London, England; Amsterdam, Holland; Rhineland, Rothenburg, and Munich, Germany; Innsbruck, Austria; Venice, Montecatini, and Florence, Italy; Lugano and Lucerne, Switzerland; and Paris, France. This tour will be the first time I’ve left France since visiting Ventimigilia, Italy, so I’ll definitely be writing a post when I get back to Nice!


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