The Mysteries of Monaco  

A friend/former classmate and I spent around three hours in Monaco, a principality that draws most of its income from tourism. That’s probably why there was nothing to do over there, unless you’re rich and wealthy. We just sort of wandered around, got robbed by the 2 euro bus fare, and pondered if people ever harvest and eat the fruit of the numerous orange trees that we saw. Although neither of us will ever understand why others insist on visiting Monaco, well, at least we can say that we’ve been there.

The port:

I think this was the palace?

P.S. Credit for the title of this post goes to my friend.

P.P.S. Look, aside from the photos of Europe, this is my shortest blog post ever! Not counting the postscripts, it’s under 100 words! I didn’t think that was possible for me.



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