Second Semester Classes

It’s hard to believe, but here I am, an older, jaded junior who’s already entered the final half of her classes in France: (Am I actually jaded? I don’t know. I just liked the alliteration effect when paired with junior.) Here’s my schedule:

  • Mondays consist of Grammar from 10-12 (eh) and Europe and the EU from 6-7 (promising).
  • On Tuesdays, I have Reading Comprehension from 10-12 (eh) and Cinema from 5-7 every other week. (Sort of eh, but holy crap, the class is massive.)
  • I have just one class on Wednesdays, Economic and Social Geography, from 4-6 every other week (promising).
  • On Thursdays, I have Literary Genres and History from 2-5. (This class is such a lie. It’s probably the reason I have trust issues now. You’d think the course title is pretty self-explanatory, right? I thought so too; being a nerd, I was so excited about novels and poetry and theater. Instead, we’re writing “dissertations,” AKA a propagandist word for strictly-structured “opinion essays.” In case you didn’t know, I despise opinion essays.)
  • Finally, on Fridays, I have Oral Language from 9-11 (eh), Written Language from 11-1, (eh), and Commentary on Literary Texts from 2:30 to 4:30 (sort of eh).

My second betrayal arrived in the form of my first actual homework assignment since arriving in France: looking for a topic that relates to French culture or society so that I can write a ten-page presentation on it for my oral final. But believe it or not, I’m kind of enthusiastic about it, because it means that we get to talk about a topic that we’re actually interested in for once. So other than the overwhelming urge to either stab myself with a pencil or fall asleep during my “eh” classes, thanks to the professor’s monotonous voice and bland teaching style, I don’t think this semester will be too difficult.



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