A French Riviera City, Cannes is about 40 minutes by train from Nice. For approximately four hours, it became today’s destination for a friend and me. The instant we stepped out of the train station, we decided that the city looked a lot more promising than Monaco.

We found the beach first, and guess what?

Sand. Cannes actually had sand.

The water wasn’t nearly as impressively blue as Nice’s, due to the sand, but the coastline was still pretty, even if it was more modern and industrial.

We walked along the coastline to the port before retracing our footsteps and then walking in the other direction, happily soaking in the sunlight.

Eventually, we veered away from the water and explored the city, where we walked around and did a bit of shopping. Sheer luck led us to stumble upon a flea market that offered a variety of vintage paraphernalia ranging from glassware and silverware to jewelry to stamps and swords.

We then stopped at a brasserie for pizza, which was good if you ignored the fact that it was probably more than 50% cheese. (Is it really necessary to put that much cheese on thin crust? When I eat pizza, I want dough and sauce and cheese, not cheese with a side dish of dough.) Finally, while continuously lamenting the cold, we made our way back to the train station so that we could return to Nice.

Here’s the port at sunset. Isn’t it pretty?


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