A Six-Hour Exploration

After reluctantly forcing myself out of a comfortable bed big enough to fit three of me and then poring over a map and guidebook, I set off to explore the city. Being the competent adult that I am, I confusedly walked in a circle by crossing the Tiber Island twice before finally figuring out that, if I wanted to see Ancient Rome, I was heading in the wrong direction.

Eventually, my meandering brought me to the archaeological ruins of the Portico of Octavia, which were pretty awesome.

Next, I found my way to the free area of the Musei Capitolini (I wasn’t enough of a nerd to wait in a line that stretched all the way across the piazza), where I marveled over the rooftop view of Rome and happily took advantage of the free bathrooms.

(I’m too tired/too lazy to figure out how to write this post without repeatedly using transitions, so I’m numbering them now.)

  1. I reluctantly climbed up the Victor Emmanuel II Monument’s hundreds of steps, and once I’d reached the top, I walked into the Basilica St. Maria In Aracoeli.

  1. I stumbled upon a photo exhibition of Germany, snagged a free bag of gummies, and then explored the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento di Roma. All the Roman history was pretty cool, except for the sad fact that I can’t read Italian.

  1. A revisit of the Musei Capitolini area led me to stumble upon a hill with a ridiculously gorgeous panoramic view of the Roman Forum.

  1. I paid 12 euros to get into the Museo dei Fori Imperiali (more than what I spent on food for the entire day, sigh). But the view was well worth it, and as I looked around the museum, I amused myself with the knowledge that the chunks of marble in there are older than the US.

  1. Before walking home, I found a tiny church, whose name I don’t remember. By the time I reached my room, I’d been on my feet for 6 hours, so I figured I deserved a rest.

PS. Usually, I prefer weekly updates, but I might just do daily posts for Rome; otherwise, I’m going to forget what happened.


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