Walking through Rome

  1. I began my day at the Largo di Torre Argentina cat sanctuary, which is a set of ruins that house about 250 cats. A lady in the human area gave me a brief tour and asked if I wanted to meet the disabled cats, to which I replied, “Sure!” So she introduced me to 10-20 cats, and I kept making sympathetic “oh” noises, because what’s the proper response to meeting cats who are deaf, blind, missing limbs, neurological, or some combination of the four? One cat in particular, Grumpy, demanded the pets, so I happily obliged. (His name may have stemmed from the fact that, if you stopped petting him, he glared up at you until you gave in. I only escaped because he got hungry.)

  1. I looked around a multistory bookstore (yes, I know I can’t read Italian, and no, I don’t care because I’m a bookworm) before setting off to find the Pantheon.

  1. Then I moseyed over to my next destination, Piazza Navone.

  1. Pulling my map out multiple times and thus looking like a bamboozled tourist, I found the Trevi Fountain (which was sadly undergoing construction) and meandered over to the Piazza Spagna to climb the Spanish Steps, or the Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti in Italian.

  1. I tried to find the Mausoleum of Augustus, because it’s in the same general direction I’d have to take to get back to the apartment, but I managed to get lost and ended up in the Piazza del Popolo instead. That was fine, though, because I found the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and got to pay a student discount of 8 euros.

I found some other places, and a church, but being the good tourist I am, I don’t know/don’t remember their names. By this time, though, I was getting a bit grumpy because I really needed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t find one, and my feet were starting to hate me after I used them for seven hours, so I decided to head back.


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