Monaco, Take 2

I visited Monaco for the second time with a friend today, and maybe it was because we arrived at a fancy train station, or perhaps it was the magic of sunshine and blue skies after weekends of rain, but the principality looked so much prettier this time.

We wound our way down several hills to the port area, where we were very confused by some sort of official bike race composed entirely of children. After climbing up a hill, we stopped for a well-deserved, delicious lunch of bread and cheese before meandering along a path bordered by lovely flora and a view of the Mediterranean. (Just fyi, I am neither a part of the flora nor the sea.)

I was so excited about the flowers, I got a bit distracted and my friend thought she’d lost me (Sorry, friend!).

By chance, we ended up in front of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, our intended destination, so we bought tickets (thank you, student discounts) and went inside. We explored the aquarium section first, which was full of cute, stupid-looking fish, sharks, seahorses, jellyfish, creepy-looking eels, and neutral-looking anemones and coral. Once we’d finished looking through the two-story aquarium, we walked through the actual museum area and then the rooftop level, which included tortoises and a panoramic view.

Somehow, we’d managed to spend two hours in the museum, so we decided it was time to head back to the train station. We made pit stops at a Starbucks so that my friend could get some coffee (I’m telling you, Starbucks are very rare in Europe) and then at an itty-bitty playground so that I could bounce on a spring rider because I’m 21 and an adult.

When we returned to Nice, we went to Fenocchio to get gelato—and holy crap, I have never seen so many flavors in my life. They ranged from typical ones like vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and mango, and then more unusual ones like cactus, Bailey’s, chocolate chili, thyme, and Irish coffee. I ended up getting lychee and coconut, which actually tasted like the fruits, before hopping back onto the tram so that we could go home.


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