Things I Miss

I’ve been completely off the grid because I was planning a surprise visit to my campus; I actually got back to the US on May 2 but have been pretending that I get back from France today. I have a longer post planned, but for now, I just have this brief post, along with a partner one.

  1. Good bread. I feel like such a bread elitist now, meaning I’ll probably give you a look of disdain if you try to feed me sliced white bread. While I’m at it, I might as well include sandwiches under this category too. France had such delicious sandwiches because the bread was always so good (crunchy exterior, soft, chewy interior) and the ingredients were always fresh.

I’m going to mess up the numbering on this post and make a sub-category: food. Dark chocolate gelato that has the taste and consistency of hot fudge, and fruit-flavored gelato that tastes exactly like the fruit.

  1. Architecture. When I walk outside, I still expect to see ochre-shaded, red-roofed, sometimes intricately-built apartments, but instead I’m greeted with the bland houses of Short Pump suburbia.
  1. The sea. I grew used to waking up and glancing out the window at the blueness of the Bay of Angels, which was probably the best window view I’ll ever have. But here in Virginia, there’s no sea anywhere near my house.
  1. Public transportation. Nice’s buses and trams made getting around the city very convenient, although I’m not going to complain about being able to drive a car again. I’ll end up missing the public transportation when I’m back at college, though, where it’s nonexistent.

Sub-category: travel. I miss being able to just hop onto a bus or train in order to visit a bunch of different towns and cities.

  1. Homework. Wait, what homework? To tell the truth, I hated not having homework because it made me feel so unproductive, but next year, I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss the minimal, practically nonexistent workload. I’m about 90% positive that I had more homework in middle school than I did in France.

Sub-category: This doesn’t entirely relate to homework, but it still falls under education, so: textbooks. What a lovely feeling it is, not having to buy a single textbook.

  1. People. I would like to clarify that, as an introvert, I am not a people person. However, meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds and countries is something that you don’t really get to experience on a large scale at R-MC. Nice attracts people from all over the world, and it’s pretty cool being able to hear all sorts of languages, even if I can’t understand them.

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