Things I Don’t Miss

1. The lack of AC. Let’s just say that not having AC during the summer in classrooms or in the dorm is not something that I care to repeat.

 2. School chairs. Uncomfortable wooden chairs and I are not friends.

 3. Bathrooms. We don’t talk about public bathrooms in France or Europe, especially if you have to pay for them.

 4. Smoking. Seriously, why do so many Europeans people smoke? Sure, it’s your choice, but I didn’t agree to have excessive amounts of secondhand smoke blown in my face. At least I’m pretty good at holding my breath now.

 5. Excessive PDA. Yes, I think couples are cute, but no, I don’t particularly want to spend a 20-minute bus ride trapped next to people sucking each other’s faces off or running their hands all over each other.

 6. People who don’t move. Hello, you can see me coming, so it’d be nice if you at least sidestepped and gave me some walking room so that I could get to class. (Not that I particularly wanted to go to class, which leads me to my next point.)

 7. The education system through the CUEFLE. Ha, don’t even get me started on this. Every single American and Canadian I met shared the same consensus. (Seriously, who makes you count every single handwritten word of your “essay” exams? I’m more concerned about answering the question than I am about counting up to 600 to see if I meet the word requirement; I mean, on a good day, I can barely count up to 100 without messing up. Also, R-MC might be stressful, but at least it doesn’t have sadistic administrators who decide to give you 7-hour exam days.)


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