Poetry Corner

This is really just a random collection of poems that I wrote before, while, or after studying abroad. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, so I figured I’d just dump them onto this blog, since they do relate to going/being/returning from abroad.

“I Promise”

When you started crying

I did too

but I blinked away the tears

because I didn’t want

you to cry harder.

So instead

I clung to you and

closed my eyes,

telling myself,

“I’ll see you again.”

And it’s true, even if

it’ll take eight months.

I’ll come back to you.

“Missing You”

Homesickness isn’t a shadow

that creeps up on you

it’s a blinding sun

that slams into you

when you least expect it.

Sometimes, when I walk down a street

I stare straight past the sky

and when I blink, all I see are memories

scattered before me like constellations.

“Almost Home”

The sun’s still rising

as the click-clack of

my suitcase wheels follows me

down the sidewalk

onto the bus

through the airport

all the way to Heathrow

where I can’t help but smile

when I see my mom waving:

it’s almost home—

but not quite.


My heart’s been at sea for months

drifting with a windblown sail

but now it’s finally anchored

in the harbor where it belongs.

“Deceptive Reality”

September to May—it’s a long time

for a ship to be drifting at sea and

even though I’ve furled my sails

sometimes I still can’t tell if

I’m living in a dream—

am I a sailor or an albatross?

So check my vital signs

before I forget

whether I’m anchored in reality

or floating in fantasy.


I’ve awakened the wanderlust

sleeping in my veins

and now it’s become a melody,

chords and bars strumming through

my veins, where the vitals keep me

awake in a star-and-sunlight bed,

dreaming of a city across the ocean

where sprawling, shadowed hills

stretch around red-tiled roofs

painted before a gray coast of rocks

that border the bright blue sea,

its waters brimming with

my hopes and dreams,

its tides ebbing and flowing

with my memories.


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