My French Fail

So the story begins like this: on the bright, sunny day of August 17, I was driving to the French embassy to apply for my visa. Somewhere on the highway near DC, I was about to drive past a green car with a magnetic ad stuck to one of its doors. The first thing I saw, in large letters, was “Got dents?”

“What a clever dentist ad!” I thought. (After all, “dents” is French for “teeth.”)

As I drove past the car, I realized that the ad was not talking about teeth. The large magnet was populated with pictures of dented cars. “Got dents?” was actually talking about car dents.

(Look, don’t question why I thought it made perfect sense for an advertisement to use English and French in America. I’d gotten up way too early for the morning visa appointment.)

The story ends like this: after I recounted my nerd gaffe to Madeline and Iszi on Facebook, they replied:


Iszi: “: | Sarena pls. Dear sweet Sarena. I only love struggle busses.”

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