Little Study Abroad Things, Part VI

This is going to be the last post of its kind, since I’ll be in France for TAPIF soon, and afterwards, my francophone experience won’t be solely study abroad-related:

  • Every time I see that Brie Larson is going to be Captain Marvel, my first thought is, “Why is she named after cheese?”
  • I absolutely did not start crying when one of my English professors emailed me to see if I was okay after the Nice attack. Nope, definitely not. You’ve got the wrong person.
  • I’ve filled out so many French forms that I now have my passport number memorized. I’d say send help, but it’s turned out to be pretty handy.
  • My mom told me to read the instructions on the back of these fancy Korean instant noodles. I ended up translating them from French because the English was crumpled up and I didn’t feel like straightening out the plastic.
  • Nothing’s more tragic than walking past crêpes and macarons in San Francisco and not having the time to buy and consume them.
  • I pronounced “Valor” like it was a French word. Oops.
  • At the city hall in Sacramento, I was entranced not by the gorgeous architecture or by the rare Pokémon, but by the volume of L’Encyclopédie sitting in the library museum.
  • Seeing ports and hills dotted with clusters of tiny houses always makes me miss southern France.
  • I started giggling at the redundancy of a sign that read “Lycée Français de San Francisco School.”
  • We got these massive macarons in a bakery in Napa Valley, though I almost cried over the sandwiches that resembled the ones I used to eat in Nice for lunch. (The near-tears could’ve also been my inner French major cringing every time someone pronounced “macaron” as “macaroon.”)
  • I told this lady that I majored in French, and her response was, “Interesting. You know, it’s not very useful.” Okay, thanks for sharing an opinion that I couldn’t care less about.
  • At the French Embassy, the guy who worked at the gate promptly switched languages after I told him that I’d majored in French. It was the most heart-warming response I’ve gotten from an adult who inquired after my major in the three months since I’ve graduated.
  • I got really excited because Iszi put my French major to good use in World of Mirth: “Sarena, this has vaguely French things on it. I don’t understand. Explain.”
  • On the other hand, another friend told me, “I saw some French things and then got really disappointed because ‘Man, I wish Sarena were here so I could mispronounce everything and make her angry.’” Oh, and another one promptly launched into, “Honhonhon baguette Tower Eiffel.” Olivia and Shawn, I trusted you. Why would you do this to me.
  • I popped by R-MC for a visit on Labor Day, and one English professor remarked, “You’ll get to use the languages that you love! Well, you don’t love English as much as French,” and another English professor started excitedly telling me about the fact that his American Lit class discusses French ex-pats: “The class was tailor-made for you!” I’m glad this is the legacy I’ve left behind.
  • On a chat I screamed, “NO THIS DOESN’T LET ME USE FRENCH ACCENTS LIKE SKYPE DOES.” And then, later, a friend yelled, “SARENA COME BACK U FRENCH NERD.” Again, I’m glad this is my legacy. (Along with the fact that my friends still mock me for when I accidentally went over page limits back in school. No, I absolutely didn’t once give my ASL professor two pages when she asked for a minimum of two paragraphs.)

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