Introvert Adventures

For my second week of break, I decided not to go anywhere because I’m poor and hadn’t been paid yet (I have six more weeks of vacation to see Europe, anyways), though I did get some lovely, much-needed introvert time that left me feeling indescribably at peace. The highlights:

  • Picked up a rock because it looked like a chunk of caramel and now I have to keep telling myself not to eat it (which for some reason reminds me of Iszi)
  • Walked 2.1 miles to Carrefour and stopped and stared at a horse, who looked equally confused, in someone’s fenceless backyard
  • Downloaded 11 books from an MA reading list for free off of Amazon
  • Screamed with Madeline over Facebook because one of our favorite actresses was in Brussels days after I was
  • Sat outside and photosynthesized for hours—I honestly don’t remember the last time that I got to relax without any obligations whatsoever, to sit outside and soak in the sunlight while reading or writing for the pure enjoyment of it
  • Finished Men Explain Things to Me and may or may have gotten slightly weepy over quotes like, “His name was privilege, but hers was possibility. His was the same old story, but hers was a new one about the possibility of changing a story that remains unfinished…” and “…feminism is not a scheme to deprive men but a campaign to liberate us all”
  • Started rereading Discours sur le Bonheur while staring longingly at the copy of La femme indépendante: extraits du Deuxième Sexe that I bought for 2 euros
  • Happily crunched through the abundance of leaves on campus (I, um, may or may not have spent a good five minutes stepping on every single crunchy leaf I saw, and this doesn’t include the times I traipsed through the sea of fallen leaves beneath two trees)
  • Spent an hour thinking about my grad school statement while shamelessly wandering around the campus to rack up kilometers and hatch eggs for Pokémon Go
  • Excitedly edited a friend’s 22-page paper
  • Tried to write outside, realized my hands were frozen, muttered “nope,” and retreated indoors
  • Began the challenge of designing my first lesson—per N’s request—on Thanksgiving, all the while muttering, “Don’t get salty he wants it to be fun and interactive don’t get salty and delve into Columbus and genocide and ruin it for the children”
  • Lamented to Madeline that I’m craving tofu but will never find it in Laon because it’s too white

Funnily enough, I think I was happiest when working on my grad school statement—if you ever wanted to know how much of a nerd I am, there you go. It’s the closest to academic writing that I’ve gotten since graduation, though my biggest struggles will be a) explaining why I want to study feminism when I haven’t taken any Women’s Studies courses (Am I allowed to quote Madeline and say, “I’m not an idiot”?) and b) being concise (Yes, I’m the kind of person who turned in a six-page French rough draft when my professor asked for four…and a twelve-page English final when my professor asked for seven to ten). In fact, I got so excited writing about French and feminism that I’m at 638 words, not finished, and still have to take into account whatever I end up doing in 2017-2018. As my R-MC roommates would say, “Why are you like this?”


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