I woke up at 6am to check the news, went back to sleep clinging to the last shreds of hope, and then woke up after a nightmare of him winning. And now I’m sobbing for real, out of hopelessness for a country that’s so far gone it voted a bigoted Cheeto into power, out of terror as a queer woman of color with friends who are also racial or sexual minorities, and out of grief for all the girls who should have gotten to see a woman become president. I’m lucky enough to be across the ocean for the moment, but my heart aches for all of my friends who didn’t ask for this, who fought for the hope of a better future, who are currently stuck living in the aftermath of cishet white privilege. If any of you need to talk, please know that I’m here for you, and I can only hope that, despite the nightmarish results of this election, people will keep fighting for social justice and equitability.


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