Nyoom, there goes my article

While procrastinating on lesson plans for this week, I discovered that my Bustle article has been reposted on The Huffington Post, which, I’m not going to lie, is pretty cool. (Even if they spelled my name wrong.) If this is as famous as my writing gets, I’m not complaining about a legacy of salt. huffpost

After some snooping around on Facebook, my essay has also been shared on HuffPost Women and Queer Voices, and people left lovely comments that capture exactly how I feel:

“This is the best and most real aspect of Trump being elected… people in the minority now want to fight harder than ever before for all that he doesn’t believe in. And as a woman, he’s made me want to fight so much harder and louder for women’s rights, equality and everything else in between!”

“It’s interesting that people (myself included) came out when Trump was elected. Our voices will not be silenced and we will gladly step up to fight for our rights.”


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