Winter Break Update

A and I had originally planned to stay in Strasbourg and then Germany, but we took one look at the transportation times and prices from Stuttgart to various French cities and went, “Time to stay in France!”

So we decided to reconfigure virtually, thinking that an hour would be plenty of time. Nope. It took us nearly 4 hours to figure everything out. (I miss the times my parents did all the vacation planning. Now I understand the struggle.) But hey, we officially have transportation and Airbnbs booked for the following cities and dates:

Strasbourg Dec 17-19

Lyon Dec 19-26

Dijon Dec 26-29

(If you’ve been to any of these places, or know someone who has, we’ll happily take any and all advice you have to offer!)

Break ends January 2, so that should give me a decent amount of time to sleep in/figure out lesson plans that I absolutely have not been procrastinating on. Anyways, get ready for a flood of pictures on the blog as I explore France and cross Strasbourg and Lyon off of my never-ending bucket list of places to visit!


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