This is a rather delayed blog post, but I haven’t really been in the blogging mindset due to unforeseen circumstances that I’ll get into later. Without further ado, bienvenue à the two days A and I spent in Strasbourg:

Day 1 (Dec. 17):

Met up with C, a fellow assistant in Amiens, and wandered through the marché de noël while I awkwardly dragged my suitcase along behind me.


Highlight: while we were lunching on munstiflette, two guys speaking English walked past us, decided our food looked delicious, and then switched to French to ask us what we were eating.

Eventually, I dropped off my suitcase at the Airbnb where A was waiting for me, and the two of us went to a cat café to meet up with C and wander through the Petite France neighborhood area.


Back at our Airbnb, I was introduced to the strangeness of beauty pageants because our host was watching Miss France.

Day 2 (Dec. 18):

Museum-hopping because we bought a discounted all-day student pass with our no-longer-relevant college IDs. We hit up the Musée archéologique, which is pretty self-explanatory; the Musée des beaux-arts, which was acceptable; the Musée des arts décorarifs, which was gorgeous; the Tomi Ungerer museum where my poor innocent eyes will never look at frogs the same way and where I read an email that irrevocably changed my life; the cathedral; the Musée de l’oeuvre Notre Dame, where we got to virtually climb the cathedral and have a 3D view of the city via Oculus; and finally the Musée alsacien.


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