I may not remember the last time I saw the sun, but this city is so breathtakingly gorgeous that I don’t want to leave.

Day 1 (Dec. 19):

Uneventful. Arrived from Strasbourg via bus, waited for our Airbnb host to give us the keys, and walked in a huge circle in our search for Thai and Vietnamese food because Google Maps betrayed us.
Day 2 (Dec. 20):

After making plans to meet up with J, an assistant in Dordogne, A and I wandered through Vieux Lyon for the first time, where we were instantly captivated by the narrow streets and vividly painted buildings.


When we walked into the Musée miniature et cinéma and heard Harry Potter music playing overhead, we knew we’d made the right choice of museum to explore with J. The museum itself was an adventure all on its own, a winding maze through a historical building, and although I was fascinated by the movie props and costumes and intricate miniatures, I noped my way out of the room with realistically stuffed animal and alien props.

Afterwards, the three of us had lunch and then decided to cross the Saône River. There, probably one of the most memorable moments of the trip occurred when I was posing for a picture to send to my mom (she’s the kind of person who will hunt me down if I don’t send her enough pictures of my face)–someone ran up and threw their arm around my shoulders. Luckily, the mysterious photo-bomber turned out to be a chill native Lyonnais dad with an adorable family who kindly gave us directions to the murals we were looking for.


We located La Fresque des Lyonnais, a mural featuring famous historical figures (I completed the mission a friend gave to me and spotted Louise Labé), and then climbed all the way up to the Croix Rousse area to see La Mur des Canuts, a trompe-l’oeil that made me think the shop and bank depicted in the mural were real. Bonus: we also got to meet Manny the 3-month-old Border Collie puppy, whose name means “precious stone” in French.

Finally, the three of us wandered down to the Presqu’île (the peninsula between the Rivers Rhône and Saône) and sauntered along the incredibly long street until we found and explored the marché de noël.


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