Lyon, Part II

Day 3 (Dec. 21):

A and I decided to live up to our tourist names and start the day off with the tourist office, where we accumulated a number of brochures, pamphlets, and maps. Armed with that multitude of papers, we looked around a comic book shop and then found our way to a some strange flower tree, a colorful artist project that looked cheerfully and utterly at odds with the rest of Lyon.

We hopped back onto the metro (I adore Lyon’s public transportation; it’s so efficient) and got off again at Vieux Lyon. This time, instead of gawking at the cathedral, we actually went inside. Afterwards, we popped into a few souvenir shops to find presents for friends and family.

Mission somewhat successful, we met with J again for a late happy hour lunch at a traditional Lyonnais bouchon, where we paid 11 euros for an incredibly delicious 3-course meal. I’ll just say that the people who stand outside the bouchons, trying to persuade passersby to come eat their food, are an odd mixture of aggressive yet charming.

After stuffing ourselves with an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, we meandered through a few traboules, passages between buildings used by silk merchants way back in the day, and then sauntered to the Presqu’île and got to see Lyon at night.



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