Lyon, Part III

Day 4 (Dec. 22):

Today’s to-do-list: the Fourvière area, which is situated atop a hill overlooking the entire city. We took the cable car up and then entered the Basilique de Notre-Dame, which was…breathtakingly beautiful to the point that A and I were both rendered speechless.

After finally kicking ourselves out of the basilique (What even is the English word for that? Welcome to the French major struggle), A and I stumbled across an equally stunning sight: a sprawling view of Lyon.

The Gallo-Romain ruins were next on our list, but as incredible as they were, it was simply too cold to remain outside any longer–we hurried back to our Airbnb in the 6ème arondissement to defrost.


We did, however, scurry out again at night, back to la Fourvière just to see the view of Lyon again at night, and it was well worth the frozen fingers and noses.


Why is every part of this city so ridiculously photogenic, regardless of time or weather?


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