Lyon, Part IV

Day 5 (Dec 23):

The statue of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the Lyonnais author of the renowned Le Petit Prince, served as a nice literary start to our day.


A and I then embarked on a journey to see the Musée des Confluences (and by see, I mean stare at the outside, not actually look at the science and anthropology exhibits–hey, even my nerd has limits). The museum, located in what appeared to be the modern, industrial area of the city, was also situated right at point of the peninsula, thus granting us a lovely view of the rivers.

Like the experts we are, we then tried the bus system–and proceeded to get off too early, wait in the middle of nowhere, get off at the correct stop but then have a man help us because we were clearly peering around in pure bewilderment, and finally find the Fort de Bruissin…which was unfortunately closed. But hey, we got a nice look at the Croix Rousse district via bus.


We decided to finish off our day in the picturesque Vieux Lyon, where we managed to finish the majority of our souvenir shopping for ourselves and friends/family.


Day 6 (Dec 24):

I’m starting to think that I haven’t seen blue skies in days because Lyon probably knows I’d cry over how pretty the city is when it’s drenched in sunshine.

My point: look at the Parc de la tête d’or. How is this city real?

After I folded up a French quote and left the resulting origami bird atop a chair for someone very dear to me, A and I stocked up on groceries (we’re not about to starve on Christmas when everything’s closed), we explored the Part-Dieu mall, where I decided to add a 5€ shirt from Primark to my flannel collection.


Final verdict on Lyon? Don’t make me leave this place, it’s too pretty. How do I move here permanently?


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