Dijon, Day 2

Under the pleasant surprise of blue skies and sunshine, A and I explored the farmers market in Les Halles as well as the stalls lining the surrounding streets.

After giving in to our American roots and lunching on bagels and cream cheese, we dropped by the cathedral and then headed to the tourism office since we’d reserved spaces to go climb tour Philippe Le Bon–the student price was only 1.5€/person, and they never bothered to check our student IDs. Perks of looking young, I guess?

The climb to the top of the tower consisted of 316 steps, but the result was so worth it. Hopefully the gorgeous view of Dijon from atop the tower distracts from the fact that I’m hardcore squinting. (No, Iszi, I am not being racist; there was too much sun.)

We chatted briefly with an American man who was wondering what on earth two fellow Americans were doing in Dijon, and then we ventured into dangerous territory: the bookstore Gibert Joseph, where I had to tell myself that no, I do not need any more books.

After escaping from the bookstore with unscathed wallets, we explored the marché de Noël.


Next, we hopped onto the free, cute little Navette buses for a brief, free tour of the city (seriously, Laon, look at how on point Dijon is; where’s your free transportation?). Our last stop before defrosting in our Airbnb was the Cathédral du diocèse–I guess the trade-off for sunlight is freezing weather, though this time my hands didn’t freeze off because I finally managed to find a pair of warm gloves.


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