Dijon, Day 3

Have I mentioned that all the museums in Dijon are free? Well, except for Musée Magnin, but our Pass Education, which grants teachers free entry into certain national museums, took care of that.

Our museum-hopping began with the Musée des Beaux-Arts, though I confess it was too religious for atheist me—I have no interest or knowledge whatsoever in Christianity, as evidenced by me placing my hand on Madeline’s shoulder and whispering, “What the hell is Leviticus?” during Women in Religion fall semester of senior year. Instead of looking at the endless pieces of crucification and the Virgin Mary, I proceeded to get distracted by the window views.


Musée Magnin was next on our list, and it housed paintings and even some of the original furniture from the 1800s.

We wandered into the église Saint-Michel next (how many churches and cathedrals does this city have?), and then entered the Musée de la vie bourgignonne, which was simultaneously my favorite and least favorite museum of the day. I had to nope my way out of the first floor because it was full of wax figures, and anything 3D that resembles humans just freaks me out. The second floor was much less terrifying, with incredible reproductions of 18th century storefronts.

Afterwards, I absolutely did not go into the Musée d’art sacré just to see the inside of the domed church rather than the religious items on display. Finally, A and I hit up the Musée archéologique, which is pretty self-explanatory, and then we took a quick peek at the marché de Noël during the evening.


Thoughts on Dijon? I love it. We didn’t even originally plan to come here at all, but I’m so glad we did. The city is full of historical charm, and all of the natives are so friendly. 10/10 would live here (and in Lyon, too).


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