Protesting in Paris

I woke up before sunrise to hop onto the train and meet a friend in the Gare du Nord for one of the most important events during my time in TAPIF: the Women’s March on Paris.

Ag brought me to her friends’ studio, and that angry feminist bonding time was exactly what I needed from life. (Let’s be honest, when am I not down to be in a room full of angry feminists?) We had a poster-making session, though I didn’t participate because I’d already cut up a box of rice to make a pocket-sized protest sign, contrary to Madeline’s hilarious albeit slightly illegal suggestion of, “Just take a man’s cut-off head.”

A lot more people showed up for this protest than the Paris Against Trump one; Huffington Post said there were over 7,000 of us—dogs, babies in strollers, kids, teens, and adults. The march featured chants such as: “Tell me what democracy looks like! / This is what democracy looks like!”

“My body! / My choice!”

“They go low! / We go high!”

“Sol, sol, solidarité! Avec les femmes! Du monde entier!”

There were also some great signs, and some highlights included “A woman is somebody, not some body,” “No! I will not shut up!” a hat sporting a wig, and some incredibly detailed uteri.

The widespread feeling of solidarity and hope helped a lot, too, because after what happened in December, I’ve never felt more lost. Although, I will confess that I nearly started crying at one point, because the sight of three boys who couldn’t have been older than 10 enthusiastically starting the chant “Solidarité avec les femmes du monde entier” broke my heart–people so young shouldn’t have to be protesting, in Adrian’s words, this “watery, tasteless orange juice” of a man at all.

Anyways, to end on a more positive note, shouting “Hey hey, ho ho, the patriarchy has got to go” in front of the Eiffel Tower is basically all my French nerd and salty feminist self ever needed from life.


2 thoughts on “Protesting in Paris

  1. Tammi Reichel says:

    I cannot tell you how it thrills me that you were marching in Paris while we were marching in DC. R sadly had to fly back to MA that very day but was represented by a white sash for MHC, and her sister came and had the most incredible day of political awakening. AWESOME to behold! So much energy all around the world!

    • Sarena says:

      I figured that if DC was too far away, I might as well march in Paris! A friend of mine was in DC, and she said that the turnout there was incredible. And the British assistant said that his brother was at the march in London, where there were around 100,000 protesters. I’m hoping that people continue to make their voices heard!

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