Miscellaneous Moments, Part X

  • While I was doing absolutely nothing productive on a computer in the teachers’ room (though it probably looked like I was busy because I was working on a story and Word always looks official), N came up to me and asked, “Can I be very rude and impolite for a second?” I responded with a hesitant yes, and it turns out that he just wanted to borrow my computer to type up six lines and then print out seven copies of his hurried grading sheet. Sweet cinnamon roll. I’d hate to experience what he calls “incredibly rude.”
    • He also joked, “Only experienced teachers drink wine.”
  • R described one of her students to me as “a good-looking, blond boy,” and I had to resist the urge to laugh because that’s probably one of the worst possible ways to describe boys to me.
  • M-L: “We’re doing a lesson on the preterit, so maybe we could come up with an activity?”
    • Me, a native English speaker and a three-year writing tutor who’s been paid and published several times: “The hell is a preterit?”
  • While giving Jt feedback on the two groups of students she sent me, I could not for the life of me remember how to say “Have a nice day” in English, so I blurted out, “Bonne journée!” Bilingual struggles.
  • You know that winter in northern France is way too cold when you check the weather and scream, “YES IT’S GOING TO BE 45 NEXT WEEK!”
  • French cafeteria food is ridiculous. Seriously, where would you find delicious orange-soaked duck in an American cafeteria for $3.85?
  • Possible scenario to the question, “What did you do in France?”
    • Me: “I babysat.”
    • Them: “But your resume says you worked with high schoolers—”
    • Me: “Okay, I babysat a lot of kids.”
  • Isn’t it wonderful when you get up at 7:10, only to reach school and discover that no one told you class was cancelled? Hooray! Welcome to working in France! (Karma promptly struck back when I forgot I was supposed to grade a group of terminales and skipped the hour entirely.)
  • While examining a 4-pack of apricot juice, I accidentally dropped one of the glass bottles right there and then in the middle of the pristine Carrefour aisle. I told the first employee I found, but all he did was thank me for telling him as he walkie-talkied away for a cleaner, so I bought the rest of the pack in my shame.
  • For the second time in a week, I turned to leave after paying in Carrefour and almost walked face-first into a column. Who decided to let me adult on my own?
  • S asked me if I’d be willing to come talk to her terminales about immigration/the immigrant experience in the US. Give them my opinion? Hell yes. Stay netural? Pfft, that’s not happening, even if you bribed me with free books. I’m here to be salty, or as Madeline said, “throw buckets and buckets of salt.”

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Moments, Part X

  1. Sarena says:

    Along with our side and main dishes, we also get a mini-baguette, cheese, fruit or yogurt or dessert. The kids make fun of me when I say I like the cafeteria food, so I really need to ask people to take pictures of Estes food–these kids need to understand the horror we experienced.

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