Quick Winter Break #2 Update

Yes, I have another 2 weeks of paid vacation. No, I’m definitely not procrastinating on packing. After a concert in Paris, I’m officially venturing into the dark unknown, AKA leaving France. I’ll be traveling solo, but hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with other assistants in each city.

Paris: 11-12 (where I’ll get to see Tegan and Sara, a fact that made Nat promptly drop her phone into mashed potatoes when she found out)

Amsterdam: 14-18 (where I’ll spend the entire time giggling over a story from one of my R-MC professors)

Copenhagen: 18-22 (where I failed to realize that Denmark doesn’t use the euro until after I’d booked my flight ticket and Airbnb)

Unrelated to winter break, but the teaching highlight of the week: Tuesday, only one student had a speech to present, so they asked if they could play Hangman in English. I handed over dry erase markers, and their Hangman game turned into an artistic masterpiece.



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