Wind, Rain, and Broken Umbrellas

My third day in Copenhagen began with a kick of nostalgia. Thinking it was the Botanical Museum, I wandered into the Faculty of Social Sciences Library and couldn’t resist taking a peek around—but being in the university library made me realize how much I miss R-MC (well, okay, not the school specifically, but my friends, professors, essays, and French classes).

Next, I gave myself a much-needed dose of nature by exploring the Botanical Garden, which must be absolutely gorgeous during the springtime. The same could be said for the expansive Rosenborg Castle grounds, although by that point, I was so cold that I started exploring supermarkets. (Hey, don’t judge. Grocery stores are fascinating ways of learning about cities. For example, my stomach is telling me to leave France and move to Denmark because their tiny supermarkets have more variety than Laon’s massive Carrefour—coconut oil, peanut butter, and real ethnic spices.)

Supermarket stint over, I drifted into The Organic Boho, a tiny vegan restaurant, to meet C and consume the most incredible falafel salad of my life. We then failed to make it to the walking tour on time, so we headed over to Christianhavn ourselves to get a look at the free town of Christiania. The place is essentially a graffiti-strewn hippie commune with a green light district, where photos were forbidden and the smell of weed abounded. C and I also encountered a curtain of very, very sketchy green smoke emanating from a building—we have no idea what it was, but hopefully it was harmless?

After that bizarre experience, we made our way to the vibrant, famous Nynhavn harbor, getting pelted by rain and wind along the way. We moseyed through the streets for a bit, and by then, our umbrellas had become shields against the wind instead of the rain…which is probably why mine broke. Seeking some shelter from the rain, we climbed the Round Tower–which had the strangest architecture, a spiraling ramp instead of stairs–to stand on Point Zero of Denmark and see Copenhagen by night.

Finally, we ate delicious Indian food at the Shahi Indisk Restaurant, and now I’m in my Airbnb with a holey sock and a broken umbrella–what else will the gorgeous Copenhagen take from me?




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