Des notes divers

It’s bizarre to think that my time here in France is almost over—1 more week at Méchain, 2 weeks of vacation, 1 more week at Claudel, and finally 1 week of…something (relaxation? travel? sleeping? crying?) before I fly back to the US on May 8. During these past five months, I’ve seen and heard and tasted and experienced so much—the expected and the unexpected, in ways both positive and negative. It’s been a long, unpaved road, full of beginnings and middles and endings. I’m still trying to process everything, so as things start to wind down, I’m dumping a mélange of miscellaneous notes here.


Caen: April 7-11

Plans: Mont Saint-Michel (for me) and Bayeux (For my English major friends…I don’t actually know how I managed to collect so many, considering I didn’t even major in the subject.)

Galway: April 11-14

Plans: Cliffs of Moher

Dublin: April 14-20

Plans: Trinity College, National Library and Gallery, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Howth, relive my Engl 381 essay on James Joyce

April 28 – May 7:

Good question. I have no idea what I’m going to do after the end of my contract, though I low-key want to visit Giverny and Rouen.

After TAPIF:

I’ve been sitting on this news for two weeks (only my friends and family know), but I’ve been accepted to a non-profit program called City Year! From mid-July of this year to mid-June to next year, I’ll be tutoring/mentoring at-risk kids in DC. My two future roommates and I have already been looking at potential apartments, and I’m excited for this next chapter. In many ways, TAPIF has been a wonderful opportunity, but being split between two schools, I get the impression that I’m being used as an accent rather than a near-peer asset. Hopefully, City Year will give me the opportunity to help students on a deeper level. I also just want to be able to do something after this nightmarish election, and if that means working long hours for a meager living stipend, then so be it. Funnily enough, a fellow Amiens assistant will be in DC, too, though for different reasons. Small world.

On a completely unrelated note, I really need to break this habit of somehow ending up with more books than I brought with me to study abroad/college/TAPIF/wherever. At this rate, suitcase packing is going to be such a pleasure. Somebody please explain to me why Hermione’s magical, bottomless purse hasn’t been invented yet?


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