Addressing Race in France

Back in June, I was solicited to write a column about my experience living as a Chinese-American in France. Of course, I got right to work because the prospect of paid writing was far more attractive than studying for the GRE.

My original intention was to be as salty as possible, but I realized that wouldn’t be very encouraging for anyone looking to study/work/live in France, so I ended up balancing the negative with the positive. The piece has finally been edited and published at On She Goes:

Regardless or not if you’re interested in traveling to France, if you’re a WOC, On She Goes is a great travel resource! And if you’re a WOC writer, they take pitches–and pay for accepted pieces.




2 thoughts on “Addressing Race in France

  1. Tammi Reichel says:

    Congratulations, Sarena! Must be gratifying to be paid for your writing, and your voice is clear and strong. Keep writing and posting! Love these glimpses you share with us!

    • Sarena says:

      Thank you, Tammi! I’ve got a few post ideas (mostly me complaining about the DC metro), so I’ll definitely try to keep this blog alive while I’m doing City Year!

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